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About Us

Digilu | Digital Marketing Agency

Digilu is different! Yes, we generate cutting-edge websites with mass appeal. Yes, we have a talented team of experts ready to serve at a moment's notice. And, yes, we also have over eighteen years experience to get the job done right. But, it's really our personal touch that sets us apart. There are many pieces to the web design puzzle and our objective is to reveal every angle through interviews, research, and observation to get that perfect fit. It's not a process or some clever strategy. It's what comes naturally. It's who we are.

Digilu is dedicated to designing, programming, and maintaining optimum websites that go beyond the page creating noticeable impact with global results. We will continue to enhance our technology, preserve a client-focused base, and operate with integrity and honesty.

Making each and every client shine is our inspiration. Producing an indelible web presence defines our purpose.

Envision a family gathered around in excitement to watch television for the first time. Waiting in anticipation for the show to begin, the room fills with anxious hopes of sky-high expectations. A hush of chatter buzzes, the pulled button shines, a hint of static sounds, and then the clearest of pictures suddenly appears. It's awe inspiring, close to unbelievable, and exactly what we aim to create with every single website.

We are a team of talents huddled together in that living room of firsts, bringing our thoughts, ideas, and treasures to the table, with a centerpiece of collaboration. Behind-the-scenes, groundbreaking wonders, we never settle for the ordinary. We are Digilu:

Mike Millett, President

Bryant Benitez, Managing Editor, Videographer
Laura Guevara, Senior Writer, Designer
Mindy Millett, Administrator
Dana Sustin, Senior Editor, Videographer