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Aluminum Case for iPhone 5

Aluminum Case for iPhone 5

Take a look at my new aluminum case for my iPhone 5!

Aluminum Case for iPhone 5

I got this picture from the Scosche website. My iPhone 5 is actually black. I like the silver case on the black phone. The best thing about this case is that it slides in and out of my pocket easily, and it doesn't slide around when I put it on the center console in my car.

Some aluminum cases or metal cases can cost up to $100 so this one is a steal at $40. There is one issue and that is the case can open if the phone is dropped from to high. the inner rubber case doesn't come off of the phone, just the outer aluminum shell.

Anyway, these are the keywords we are targeting for this new Scosche product:

Each of these product landing pages has a unique keword and they are all seperate products. This one is going to be a tough SEO battle.