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Apple Announcements 2019

Apple Announcements 2019

Apple Announcements 2019

The recent Apple announcements for 2019 show a major shift from the manufacturer. Moving towards services and away from hardware is ingenious. It is time to trade on customer loyalty and take on the banking industry. Apple is here to stay. This company continues to break rules and venture into enemy waters.

Apple TV+

On Monday Apple announced Apple TV+, releasing in the fall. Apple TV is a streaming video service similar to Netflix or Hulu, but essentially Apple TV+ will be an upgrade of Apple TV giving you more options for streaming content, even channels including HBO. It also gives access to Apple’s new associations with 34 different TV and movie productions  with actors including Steve Carell, Oprah Winfrey, and Jennifer Anniston, and more. A feature called Apple TV Channels on the TV app, gives you access to shows and sports.

Apple News+ App

Apple also announced the Apple News+ app, that includes magazine content and a video game bundle called Apple Arcade. All of this is based on subscriptions, but prices have not been discussed yet. The Apple News+, includes over 300 magazines for $9.99 per month in the U.S., and $12.99 in Canada. It also includes banner features for iPhone specifically like covers that suddenly move. All of this with the security of privacy from advertisers trying to track the users.

Titanium Apple Card

And last but not least, the Titanium Apple Card. It is actually made of Titanium! That’s not surprising for Apple. Apple CEO Tim Cook said ”We saw an opportunity to transform another fundamental form of payment, and that’s the credit card.” so looks like he literally changed the physical material and look of the card itself! The Apple Card will give the amount of money the users spent and when payments are due on the Wallet app. This app will track spending even by category while giving a more descriptive  transaction history integrated with Apple Maps. this includes reward incentives that Apple calls “daily cash”. The Apple Card uses the MasterCard network, operated by Goldman Sachs, Apple said that neither of them will use personal data for advertising.

Apple Arcade

The new Apple Arcade is sure to be a game changer; however, the larger game makers not included so it might be an uphill climb. We wil wait and see on this one.