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Are Magnetic Phone Mounts Safe?

Are Magnetic Phone Mounts Safe?

Are Magnetic Phone Mounts Safe

This past week I was asked the question, "are magnetic phone mounts safe?" The answer is simple...yes. They will not hurt your phone or tablet at all. However, don't try to use these with the iPod Classic or other devices with hard drives. The magnetic fields created by the Neodymium magnets are strong enough to erase and damage hard drives. With that said, most hard drives won't be hurt by these mounting magnets. Although we don't recommend it, putting a magnet near your home computer or external hard drive isn't going to do a thing. It takes a very large magnet to do any real damage.

The real question is who makes the best magnetic phone mount.

Scoshe's reviews are amazing. Our employees own several. We all love and recommend them. So much so, that our family even gives them away as gifts as well. For example, we went through a triple digit summer with no issues on the car mount. They also, have tons of other accessories and have a knack for producing the best out of all of them. Start with the magnetic phone mount if you don't know what else to buy. It will sell you on all the rest of the fun technology treats!