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The Art of the Soft Sell - Church Welcome Packets

The Art of the Soft Sell - Church Welcome Packets

Church Welcome Packets

Ok, we know that at the end of the day, you need customers to actually buy your product; however, in the ever changing online world, we believe that brand loyalty is king.

It isn't enough to just sell you widget. In order to be successful in the search engine rankings today, you need to have loyalty. You need users to share and talk about your product or brand on their social networks. Without this piece of the puzzle your rankings will not last.

Here is a great page that is designed to sell DVDs to churches without being overt. The truth is that the entire Just Stop and Think website is designed NOT to sell products. The number one goal of this site is to get people to watch and share the short movie. The DVDs are just another tool. So it is very important to master the art of the soft sell on this website.

After almost ten years, we are proud to say that this website has accomplished this goal. Here is a link to one of the new pages we have added to the site for the keyword term church welcome packets.

For Just Stop and Think, church packets for visitors is the number one way people use the DVDs. When churches assemble their welcome packets, they simply add a DVD to bag. We have heard from churches that especially men respond and show up to church that next weekend with a lot of questions. Huge success. Mission accoplished.

So, at the end of the day, it is our goal as an SEO and web company to help our clients achieve their goals and build an online strategy that will last.