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Attorney Westlake Village

Attorney Westlake Village

Attorney Westlake Village

The top attorney in Westlake Village is now a client of Digilu and the law firm website is climbing the ranking on Google at a feverish pace. We have 6 targeted keywords on page 1 for the firm website. Our latest changes and strategy include some very competitive keywords and we are watching them climb.

I have known Donald W. Flaig for decades. In fact, we grew up together. Obviously we have handled all of his website needs since he began his practice right out of law school. But this time, we are really being aggressive and going after some top notch keywords that could bring in major traffic and lead to huge business for Donnie.

There are a lot of attorneys in Westlake Village and the competition for our keywords if fierce. Our goal is to see our first tier keywords set up and lock in our second tier terms.

So here we go. These are the keywords we are targeting for his primary law firm website:

It is important to note that the bottom two keywords are very competitive. We are aiming high because we know with this strategy we will lock in and guarantee results for our second tier keywords:

If we only get one keyword, we want attorney westlake village to be the one that shows up on page one. It is strange that the reverse ordering of those words isn't searched by users. They don't type westlake village attorney, they only do it attorney in Westlake Village.  We also have two other sites for the Flaig Law Firm, but we'll talk about the strategy behind those sites in a later blog.