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Award Winning & Best Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Award Winning & Best Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Best Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

Scosche has done it again with the launch of their new bluetooth stereo headphones. These are the best bluetooth stereo headphones and they received a "finalist" award at this years' 2013 consumer electronics show. So our goal is to help them show the world this fantastic product.

Our approach will be tested on this roll out. Every keyword is considered to be high competition and the sites that have page one locked are spending large dollars on Google. Recently we have had some succuess beating our competition, but we are waiting and hoping that this is the product launch that will put Scosch on top.

We have added another spoke in our SEO strategy. Now we are building sub-sites that will help support our Adwords campaigns and on-page SEO. For this product, we have built Obvioiusly, the keyword for this site is the best bluetooth stereo headphones. There are two other hidden terms in this url as well. Bluetooth stereo headphones and stereo headphones. This site will point to the Scosche site and yes it is a Digilu Affiliate partner so some dollars could flow our way, but that is not the primary goal. First and foremost, this site is meant to help Scosch rank higher organically.

Today's results will be great, but with the added work we are expecting the sales to be record breaking.