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Best Baptism T-Shirt Designs

Best Baptism T-Shirt Designs

Best Baptism T-Shirt Designs

There are the best Baptism t-shirt designs we've seen. In fact, we have order baptism shirts from Ministry Gear. We highly recommned them for all your church's printing needs.

Top 3 Reasons to Give out Free Baptism T-Shirts

  1. Cheap Marketing for your Church
    Most churches could use more and better marketing. A well designed shirt with your church logo printed on it will get seen all around town. Your members will be proud to wear them years after their Baptism Day.


  2. Protecting Modesty
    We've all experienced that awkward moment when someone decides to get baptized on the spot without proper attire. Oops! We did not want to see that. With Baptism T-shirts on hand in Dark colors, all of the worries of see through, low cut, and too clingy are gone.


  3. Great Lasting Memory
    T-shirts are very meaningful souvenirs. What an amazing gift to give, almost like an award or trophy. Your member can display it by wearing it proudly. When asked by others, they can fondly relive their special day as they recall it to their friends.