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Best Bicycle Speaker

Best Bicycle Speaker

Bicycle Speakers

Bike SpeakersTake a look at the blue boomBOTTLE. It is stylish, and except for the grey bottle, this is the most popular color speaker and it is on sale now!

We continue to climb the search engine rankings for our bicycle speakers at Scosche. It is a blast to check each month as we climb higher and higher. This past month we made some changes to the product pages and inbound links. We saw a climb of over 100 positions due to these changes.

Our family bought the grey one about two weeks before the colored versions had come out. This is the second time we have bought something from Scosche and then they come out with something better. That is one of the best things about Scosche. They are constantly coming up with new and innovative products.

Time to plan your familiy bike ride down the boardwalk while enjoying some tunes. Lately, we have been using our boomBOTTLE in the car. I know that sounds funny, but our car stereo doesn't have a way to play music from our iPhones. So, we just use the bike speaker in the car. It sounds great!

Bicycle Speakers

We also use it with our iPad while people get their hair cut. Again, the clarity is fantastic and we have sold over a dozen of them to our friends and family. Now we just need to teach them to go to our affiliate website so we get the credit.

Here are the keywords we are targeting for this product landing page:

  • bicycle speakers
  • bike speakers

We were going after portable speakers and we did make it page 3 for that huge keyword, but we have adapted and changed our strategy for a keyword that will convert at a higher rate. We'll keep you updated on the results.