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The Best Halibut Boats in Alaska

The Best Halibut Boats in Alaska

The Best Halibut Boats in Alaska

Take a look at the best halibut boats in Alaska. Of course you can catch all kinds of other fish with these beauties, but look around the site at the photos. Now these are trophy halibut boats. Located on the Homer Spit in Homer Alaska- which is the halibut fishing capital of the world! 

Constantly upgrading and renovating their vessels, Big is always finding ways to improve your charter fishing experience. Whether it is your very first fishing trip or your one hundredth, these captains love to work with you.

These boats are great- your safety and comfort are guaranteed. And so is the beauty that surrounds you. The water is still full of fish. Not only halibut, but many other species. 

Enjoy the show while you wait for a bite, watch for whales and porpoise all day long. Just relax and enjoy all the mammals and seabirds that come with the territory.

Homer fishing charters also specializes in Bear viewing tours. Take the time on the way out or the way back from fishing to let them get you close enough to view these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. 

Bighalibut .com is waiting for you to come and take your next adventure with them. Their boats and a cabin accommodations are top notch. Give them a call to book your dream trip today!