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The Best Videos in 2016

The Best Videos in 2016

Best Videos 2016

 This new website is serachng for the best videos in 2016 and of all time. If you think you've seen the best video ever, please go to the contact page of the site and submit the link.

Let's face it, these days a video of a singing cat or a sassy two year old can go viral. But we believe that what truly makes for the best video will be those that compel you to evaluate who God is to you and how he wants your relatipnship to look and feel. We want to help generate attention and traffic to the stuff that really matters. Although laughter is extremely important too!

Let's join together to help draw attention to and engage audiences toward postitive, life breathing content. Hopefully directing and diverting away from the not so wholesome alternative content that is consuming time, and distorting our view of God. By sending us your favorite links to best videos, you will be a valuable part in generating a focus toward this qulaity web content for future generations.