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Best Wireless Qi Phone Chargers

Best Wireless Qi Phone Chargers

Best Wireless Qi Phone Chargers

Scosche announces the release of their new line of wireless Qi phone chargers.

We spent hours on research, to review the top line of products for you.

In the continual quest to "cut the cord," we don't have to continue to ignore those wires any more, or spend our valuable time untangling them.

The selection of wireless chargers and charging pads offered by Scosche will allow you to abandon all of those bulky adapters and cables but have full ability to conveniently and wirelessly power up any where any time.  

The Magic Mount Qi enabled series has multiple choices of models allowing you to charge your device whether it's vertically or horizontally positioned. It also features a smart LED indicator that shows you when it's successfully connected and when your phone is fully charged.

Additionally, the StuckUp Qi models are easy to set up and ready in mere seconds. It has a playful angled design with a rounded induction surface, and that lets you know if your phone is properly placed for a cord-free recharge.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more affordable power solution than the Vent Mount Qi, or QiDock Powerbank.

All of which also feature an ultra-slim profile that makes them easy to tote around, set up, or keep on a desk.

If you're looking for a charger that's optimized for your iPhone, you're going to find it at Scsoche.