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Best Youth Ministry T-Shirt Design Ideas

Best Youth Ministry T-Shirt Design Ideas

Best Youth Ministry T-Shirts

The best youth ministry t-shirt design ideas balance style and cost. Working with a great design team is the single most important decision when ordering shirts. If the students don't like the design, they won't wear the shirts.

Middle School Ministry vs. High School Ministry Shirt Designs

The best advice for youth leaders ordering custom shirts: use the same design for both middle & high schoolers just change the color of the shirt. This single decision will save huge money. The color for the shirts can also flow through to other areas like flyers and logos.

Of course you can't neglect design basics. Considering your audience is the key to a great shirt design. High schoolers and middle schoolers have very different tastes. We recommend searching online sites like Target and Walmart for ideas; however, don't start your search with youth. Start with the young adults t-shirt section. This will ensure your design remains contemporary for at least a few years.

Ordering T-Shirts for a Group

For most youth leaders, budget constraints are primary. Custom shirts for summer camps, winter camps, retreats, events, lock-ins, and staff need to be reasonably priced. Youth leaders are constantly fighting a tough budget battle so work to keep the amount of colors and print locations to a minimum. A great design can work to reduce colors and not sacrifice the quality of the design.

Don't Forget Shirts for Leaders

One of the biggest mistakes youth leaders make when ordering custom shirts is forgetting shirts for leaders. The way to keep the cost down is to use the same design, just use a different color shirt for leaders. For a small extra fee, we've recomment youth pastors that say "staff" on the back. The the extra time to work with designers to create cool and hip shirts for students, but don't forget your youth team.