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Breast Cancer Awareness Sale

Breast Cancer Awareness Sale

Breast Cancer Awareness Sale

Scosche is having a Breast Cancer Awareness Sale for the entire month of October. For the next 30 days, you can save 25% on the goPINK products offered by Scoche. But wait, there's more (infomercial throwback) not only will customers receive the discount, but Scosche will be donating another 25% to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

When reading the blog on on the website, you'll be convinced that this company has heart. It is obvious that they truly care about this "worthy cause" and this isn't a way to increase sales or boost business. They really do care.

When you factor in the two discounts, this is actually a 50% off sale which means the profit has been taken out of the equation. It is an honor to work with Scosche.

Breast Cancer Awareness Hope Bear

The breast cancer awareness Hope Bear is another great gift for the month of October. This is an incredible product that is sure to bring hope to someone struggling with cancer. Feel free to visit the Chantilly Lane website to watch the video of this uplifting product.