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Camo Headphones

Camo Headphones

We had no idea that someone would wear camo headphones, but we also didn' t know that a long salt'n'peppar bearded guy name Si would be a huge sensation all over the world. Duck Dynasty has brought duck hunting and camo into the main stream. With that said, Scosche's camouflage headphones are a huge success.



Camo Headphones

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Here is a quick description of these headphones. The RH600 headphones produce quality sound with crisp highs, tight mids and deep bass.  The headband is adjustable with memory foam ear cushions that conform to your head for a great fit.  The chassis is machined aluminum and provides a durable foundation for the premium audio components and it is incredibly lightweight.

So, don't be surprised if you see these headphones on the next episode of Duck Dynasty. The show will be called "The Sound of Redneck Music" featuring Duck Dynasty Camo headphones available at any Wallmart.

Duck Dynasty Cast

We don't think that this is too far out of reach. Product placement is huge in the industry so don't be surprised to see a Scosche product on the screen very soon.