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Carson's Fort Ideas

Carson's Fort Ideas

Carson came up with over 25 different fort ideas. Then, he went and made videos for four of the ideas. His plan is to make videos for all of them. You can see the videos on our YouTube channel.

He has become a true master fort builder and he loves fort building. Together, we have been trying to come up with fort building ranks. These are levels that kids can achieve as they get better at building forts. Some of them have been stolen from Star Wars. These ranks vary from

It is also fun to say that FortClips popularity is growing. We noticed that customers seem to order in groups. For example, in one week we had 5 different orders come from Palasades, California. The first one was for a birthday gift. We think that the other kids at the birthday party saw the FortClips and then they had their parents buy them. Exciting! We belive that FortClips are essential for any fort building kit.

So, if you need cool fort ideas or you have some fort building tips, go to and have some fun.