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Cell Phone Car Mount by Scosche

Cell Phone Car Mount by Scosche

Cell Phone Car Mount

I just got my new cell phone car mount by Scosche and I love it. The MagicMount system includes a mount for my car and the desk in my office. When I first heard about that Scosche was going to be making mounts I knew it wasn't for me, but after watching the video and hearing them talk about how they work I was convincienced.

Cell Phone Car Mount

How did I live without these things? Itsn't that what we say about every great product.

There are a bunch of otpions and I recommend thinking about your situation and your needs before you decide which mount to buy.

I went with two of them. First, I got the basic MagicMount for my car. It is very simple and the low profile allows it to be right behind the gear shift (see above). The targeted keyword for this product is cell phone car mount system, but without the system at the end. It is very difficult to target keywords without limiting the extensive product uses.

Cell Phone Holder for Car

The mount pictured above it the basic surface mount. It works anywhere. I like the one at the very top better because it has the swivel, but this is the catch all mount that works anywhere.

The next mount I got was the windshield mount. I know that the keyword we are targeting it is a phone holder for car, but I use that one on my glass desk in my office.

Smartphone Car Mount

The mount pictured above is the new MagicMount Power. This is my next purchase on It will work perfectly in my Expedition. I only wish it had dual chargers. I'm still going to get it.

Of course we are writing this blog to link to the products listed above, but we also wanted to let Scosche know that we LOVE this line of products. Great job Scosche!