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Cell Phone Holder Systerm

Cell Phone Holder Systerm

Cell Phone Holder

Another great product by Scosche, MagicMount, has become a part of everday life here at Digilu. Now we have them next to our desk using the windshield cell phone mount, and we use the standard holder in the car.

An added benefit of the one we use in the car is that it sits right next to the a/c vent. When we charge our iPhone, it stays cool instead of getting hot.

The version of the MagicMount we use at the office is now the best selling mount online. It works on the windshield of the car, but it also works on any smooth surface.

This cell phone mount pictured below gets plugged into the cigarete lighter and has a usb port. Now you can charger your phone while it is being held.

Best Phone Holder

Take a look at the best cell phone holder system online and support Digilu by purchasing from Scosche.