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Christmas Teddy Bears

Christmas Teddy Bears

Christmas Teddy Bears

Is it really time for Christmas already? It is if you sell Christmas bears. Chantilly Lane has a full line on singing Christmas teddy bears. Some of them are sweet and sappy, and other ones will simply make you laugh. The farting santa is sure to get the kids going.

This first batch of Christmas bears only has two actual bears. There is a duet, a pair of gingerbread dancers, and three Christmas singing dogs. All of them will make your family feel great this season.

Christmas Bears


Do I see a sining chihuahua? You might be thinking to yourself, "that isn't a Christmas teddy bear", and you'd be right. But it does belong in this category. Make sure to click on the small image and watch the video. It is hilarious. All of these make perfect gifts.

Christmas Teddy Bears


And there it is. The one and only farting santa. Rip Von Kringle is a gut buster. It is impossible to hold this thing and not laugh. Christmas is supposed to bring laughs and joy to our homes and this silly item is perfect.


Christmas Bear

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Don't be a grouch. Christmas is here and these fun christmas gifts will bring smiles to everyone in your home this holiday season. Merry Christmas!