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Chumash Museum Rebuilding After Fire

Chumash Museum Rebuilding After Fire

Rebuilding After Woolsey Fire

A trip to your favorite sight seeing destinations in the Malibu area will sadden you by the sight of a black, scorched landscape. The Woolsey Fire caused a lot of damage but people have gathered together to rebuild (see photo above). This picture takenn at the Chumash Museum proves that we are resilent.

The Woolsey Fire that swept through the area December 7, 2018 in Malibu California is to blame.

But really the cause of the actual ignition is to blame. The fire started on November 8 and completely destroyed 1600 structures. It also damaged 360 others. The Woolsey Fire was suspected to have caused 3 deaths as well is in investigation and undergoing lawsuit.

The crisped and charred more 96,000 plus acres there, are the after math and result of more than 200,000 people in the Los Angeles and Ventura counties being acutely evacuated.

Since the lawsuit, an LA county statement of release said that $100 million in costs and damages were associate directly to this blaze. Such as emergency response, suppression of the fire, efforts of recovery, and even loss of revenue on tax.

Legal action steps and initiative are vital and extremely instrumental to ensure accountability and responsibility to result in recovery.

Southern California Edison has already faced multiple other lawsuits in connection with Woolsey Fire, as well as separate litigation in connection with Thomas Fire. Thomas Fire remains to be investigated for burning through 280,000 acres in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties toward the end of 2017.

SCE utilities equipment could be found to have been associated with the ignition of the Woolsey Fire.