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Compact Portable Jump Starter

Compact Portable Jump Starter

Compact Portable Jump Starter

Scosche has a new line of compact portable jump starters. The one pictured above is the high powered version. It is a little more expensive but the features are fantastic.

Connecting to the Car BatteryClick the link for a complete look at the Scosche line of car accessories.

There is a way to recharge the battery just enough to power the vehicle by creating a connection with the battery of another car. But, you may not always find another person with a car around who is willing to help you.

Another way to jump start the car is with a portable device made specifically for providing the needed boost of power to the dead battery, called a jump starter.

Scosche has managed to become the best lithium jump starter on the market.

They use a lithium-ion battery or a high discharge lithium polymer. Compared to other types of devices, their's are much more lightweight. This characteristic makes it a highly portable and easy to use device.

Lithium jump starters are way better than regular car jump starters, for many reasons including no sparks and ruling out the chance of accidentally hooking up a regular device to a battery backwards, which can create a dangerous situation for yourself and others nearby.

Additionally this device can even be used for a lawn mower that will not start, or a boat, truck, or motorcycle. Obviosuly this is a no brainer here. Everyone must have at least one!