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The Competitve World of Air Conditioning Repair

The Competitve World of Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

I am constantly amazed at the competitive and expensive world of air conditioning repair advertising. It is amazing. Compared to other industries, they pay a TON for a single click. On some keywords they can pay as much as $25 to be on the top of the list. Sure there are more expensive industires like insurance, but those are run by massive corporations. The AC guy has one truck and works out of his appartment.

Here are three new websites that are focused on a very targeted audience. Check them out:

Geo targeting is another way we are getting results. By targeting specific groups of potential customers that live in Woodland Hills, Tarzana, or Calabasas we are able to focus our marketing message to meet their specific needs.

The world of adverting is constantly changing but it looks like Google Adwords is here to stay. So to all of the AC contractors all we can say is sorry. These air conditioning websites are paying top dollar for online advertising. It is expensive, and for now it is making sense. As the competition grows so will the cost per click.