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Congrats JustStopandThink

Congrats JustStopandThink


Congrats JustStopandThink and Johnny Karls! Millions of views and still going.

We remember getting our DVD delivered to our home in Simi Valley and seeing bumper stickers all over town. "JustStopandThink" is still an incredible video and Francis' message is timeless.

If you haven't seen the video or heard about the story in Simi Valley you can check them out by clicking here: community outreach ideas and Francis Chan.


The best part about the JustStopandThink website is the controversy that it stired up.

Take a look at the JustStopandThink Twitter channel if you want to see some angry people.

Hopefully we responded with truth and love.

Over the years, we have found that reaching out is a lost art.

Well done JustStopandThink. We are honored to be on the team.

Our only question is, what's next?