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Feature Length Biography: Nick Vujicic

Feature Length Biography: Nick Vujicic

Digilu is proud to present a Nick Vujicic and Digilu production. Look for NICK BIOGRAPHY OF A DETERMINED MAN to come out on DVD later this month. Nick's story is awe inspiring and his words captivating. The Digilu and Nick Vujicic teams pulled together in the production of the film, in hopes of delivering a compelling story to remember.

Mike Millett and Nick Vujicic confidently serve as the producers and executive producers of the project. Nick Vujicic adds his personal touch, and without hesitation, invites us all into his life, his world, and his innermost thoughts. Mike Millett has the insight and dedication for the tough choices, to catch the subtleties many would overlook, and the adeptness to coordinate all efforts, with an inspirational and proficient style. Dana Sustin makes his directorial debut in a powerful way. He directs with professional flair and has the instinct to capture quality narration, impressive film concepts, and attributes an indescribable depth of emotion to each and every frame. Dana also edits the entire biography with an uncompromising level of detail difficult for many to grasp. The engaging music of Kellen Mills generates the perfect rhythm to successfully convey the intriguing theme of the film. While, Karla Mills keeps the audience enthralled with her perfectly timed inflection and delivery of the script. Writing can be stalled at the idea, if not for the inspiration gained from others. Laura Guevara writes the revealing narration with the inclusion of many thought-provoking stories heard along the way. And without the diligence, patience, and knowledge the assistant editors, Bryant Benitez and Josh Miller, contributed with the seemingly endless logging of footage, this project just might not have gotten off the ground. Much time, effort, and thought went into this biography, and with a cause so significant, it's no wonder considerable honor backs the film by all involved.

Digilu looks for the story. We find it and tell it, in the most deliberate and riveting of ways. BIOGRAPHY OF A DETERMINED MAN has a remarkable background, with a noteworthy message, and it's now available on DVD at Nick