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Francis Chan

Francis Chan

Francis Chan

For almost 10 years, Digilu has worked with JustStopandThink to promote and spread the Gospel. This year, we are proud to announce that the Stop and Think video with Francis Chan is about to reach 80,000 views on our YouTube channel. The video itself has millions of views, but not on our channel. In fact, that is the reason for this blog.

This story is important to us as a web development team because it is one of our greatest failures. We made the mistake of letting someone else post our video on their YouTube channel. We didn't realize the huge cost we would pay almost 10 years later. Why is did this turn into a huge problem? The YouTube channel user has started to charge for views. That simple decision goes against everything that JustStopandThink is about. Money is the very LAST consideration. This ministry is about getting the gospel out to as many people as possible and not about receiving advertsing dollars. The ministry is suffering because it looks like we are trying to gain financially from the gospel.

It is important to apologize to Francis Chan for this mistake. He trusted his reputation to us. Please watch the video and comment on our Facebook page.

The lesson is one that we impart to all of our clients including Nick Vujicic, Chris Simning, Help the Children, and other ministry clients.

Managing the brand of our clients is first and foremost.