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Growing SEO Business - Universal Game Case

Growing SEO Business - Universal Game Case

When it comes to advertising, there is no arguing that Google is here to stay. When it comes to Google, there is plenty to argue about. We are constantly being asked by our clients if it is better to spend money with Google Adwords or focus on search engine optimization and maximizing organic results.

The answer varies, but lately we have found the answer. It is YES. We have discovered that it takes both if you want either of them to work.

A great example is with the keyword "universal game case" for our client The Shopper Inc. We have developed a campaign around this term and had mixed results. That was until we started an agressive Adwords campaign focused on that exact same term. It was amazing to watch our organic results climb along side our adwords campaign.

Now we see the term "universal video game case" increasing as well. Once we started driving traffic to that exact page, both keyword terms grew. So, the bottom line is that selling universal game cases and video game cases takes both strategies. Today's competition and need to run paid campaigns with organic campaigns means the profit margins are smaller, but the potential growth seems unending.