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Hanger Prices

Hanger Prices

Hanger Prices

Boutique hangers have prices that vary from $0.10 up to about $4.25 per hanger. In fact, hanger prices are all over the place.

The prices for hangers are based on certain criteria such as the material used, size, and quality. For instance, a heavy-duty suit hanger made of wood is going to cost more than a tiny, plastic bra or panty hanger. Selection ranges from cheap, clear plastic hangers, pant hangers, infant frame hangers and even classic wooden dress hangers.

Keeping your retail store organized can be a challenge for busy retailers and storeowners, but there is a wide variety of retail hangers that will help organize your store.

Each type of hanger offers a functional yet attractive way to showcase your store's apparel.

Some of these products include features like no-slip notches and grips, padded, rotating hooks, and pant clips to keep pieces in place. Which adds to the over all price. Furthermore, you can protect and preserve your merchandise with garment bags and covers. All of these tools will also keep your merchandise tidy and appealing to the customer.