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Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor

We love Scoshce and we are proud to be working with them to help increase their search engine optimization and Google Adwords performance. Here are just a few of their latest products and you'll see that we are trying multiple SEO techinques to get them listed at the top of Google.

First we have Rhythm. This is a heart rate monitor created by Scoshce that measure a users heart rate and pulse while they work out. Now this also comes as a heart rate monitor for women and it is pink. It is basically the same exact product but the outside is pink instead of yellow. The classic pulse monitor can be found on the original product page of the site by clicking here.

The women's heart rate monitor is loved by women because it doesn't require the user to wear a chest strap. No chest strap is a huge feature for women athletes.

Mindy, my wife, has enjoyed her Rhythm pulse monitor and heart rate monitor for women even though hers is yellow. The pink didn't work for her, but she loves the app and she loves the product itself. The funny thing is that her favoriate feature isn't the "no chest strap" or the pulse monitor. She loves that she can control her music on her iphone. She can skip to the next song and she LOVES that.

If you havn't given Scosche a try or you haven't tried the Rhythm it is worth the $99.