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Huge Internet Outage

Huge Internet Outage

October Huge Internet Outage

Yes, there is a huge internet outage but don't worry. It is a simple problem that will be fixed shortly.

My Website is Down

If your website is down, please just relax. Twitter and PayPal are also down. Check out the picture above. It's been like that for hours. We all know it is frustrating when our sites go down. Most of the time it is just a crash. Computers get jumbled up sometimes and just need a good reboot. This is something malicious and more complicated. The bottom's just part of technology.

Why is the Internet Down

In this instance there is an attack happening on a company. A very large internet service provider is under a DDOS attack.

Could Something Bad Happen?

Rumors suggest that these attacks are done to cover up something much worse. It is possible. Take a look at this article It is also unnerving that PayPal is involved.

Is Digilu Hosting Affected by the Outage?

All of our websites are currently up and working correctly.