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iPhone 5c and iPhone 5c Cable Accessories

iPhone 5c and iPhone 5c Cable Accessories

iPhone 5c Cable Accessories

iPhone 5cApple announced the new iPhone 5c yesterday to rave reviews. This lower priced iPhone promises to grab a huge market previously untapped by the very expensive pervious models. Then, add it the many color options and this version of the iPhone is sure to explode and add to the already popular Apple brand.

It is pretty amazing that the iPhone 5c can be yours for only $99. Yes, that's right, a phone from Apple for under $100. And it is important to note that the price doesn't mean that this isn't a quality product. It features an A6 child and LTE wireless. It has an 8 mega pixel iSight camera and of course iOS7.

It is also stylish. Kids are going to love this phone and they are going to love the color choices of blue, yellow, pink, green and white.

iPhone 5c Cable

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