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iPhone X Announcement and Accessories

iPhone X Announcement and Accessories

iPhone X Announcement and Accessories

The big wait is over as of today when Apple shared the exciting news. The future of the smart phone. IPhone X. Prounounced 10 not X.

So much power in people’s hands. Emersive, magical, hardware disappears. Touching buttons to work, play, and communicate bringing people together. Voice commands, Security, privacy, Apple Pay, and Camera to capture the images of our lives'.

All screen edge to edge. Glass on front and back and an all new display called The Super Retina Display. This beauty is 5.8 inches on the diagonal, boasting the highest resolsution on pixel ever on an iPhone yet.

Wake up with a tap on screen, No more home button. Swipe to home screen at anytime while multiasking. For Siri, just speak or press side button in. Same ultra powerful and speedy A11 Bionic Chip as I phone 8 and 8 Plus. The Increased Battery life lasts 2 more hours. And.... get this,.......Wireless Charging! With Qi charging devices from Apple and other companies certified by Qi.

The most impressive feature is Unlocking: Look at it, and it recognizes you - This is called FACE ID. True depth camera system with infrared so even in the dark it detects your face every time you glance at it. The Neuro Engine built in to process facial recognition adapts to you as your face changes over time even if your wearing a hat or beard. Two interesting aspects are that it requires user attention to unlock, meaning your eyes need to be open, and twins may be able to unlock eachothers devices so you would need passcodes.


The fun is not over yet, for the Emoji fans. They give you “Anemogis” in your apple messeges center  that you control, where your face expressions are animated.


The Camera on IPhone X is like iPhone 8 except for The Dual Optical Stabilization and Two Tone Flash.


Scosche has created a new cagtegory on the website for all things iPhone X.


Price Tag: $999.00

October 27th for pre orders and November 3rd, it ships.