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More Than Religion by JustStopandThink

More Than Religion by JustStopandThink

More Than Religion

The video More than Religion by JustStopandThink is gaining popularity. David Nasser has a unique and compelling background, his passion for teaching and God's word adds to the effectiveness of this video as an excellent evangelism tool. This is perfect for non-believers and believers to get together and watch. Since  it is both thought provoking and intriguing, it is perfect for preluding a meaningful group discussion. We believe that countless souls have been won over to Christ through this wonderful short video. 

This timeless short narrative style film is meant to directly affect the heart of the audience. It clearly gives an accurate picture of humanity and Christ's relationship with them. It's a direct and refreshing perspective that all will enjoy. It is our hope and prayer that you will watch and share with as many as you can in pursuit of winning over the world to becoming Christ followers. Dedicated to giving glory to God forever and ever.