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New BoomBottle MagicMount

New BoomBottle MagicMount

BoomBottle MagicMount

The new BoomBottle MagicMount is a waterproof wireless mobile speaker with a built in MagicMount phone mount.

Unbelievably, this one is double mounting. It sticks to most metal surfaces at the base, AND your phone stays in place on top! isn't that fun?

This speaker is mobile, wireless, waterproof, and also fits into water bottle cages and cup holders. It will definitely kick your bike ride or pool day up many notches to have your own music as atmosphere.

It comes with a carabiner clip as well, so imagine how you can secure it or hang it in all kinds of places.

Obviously Scosche wants you to have fun, be cool, and get fit! 

It is very motivating to get outdoors on your bike, hike, or poolside when you have your own personal, incredible sounding music to accompany you.

Having multiple speakers is another thought becasue you can amplify your effects. But simply to be honest, your family members may steal yours HaHa! More than one will be in demand!