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New Ford F-150 Dash Kit

New Ford F-150 Dash Kit

New Ford F150 Dash Kit

Scosche announces the new Ford F150 dash kit with all the latest features.

We know you love your F150. Here's a little something extra you may not know about. It's a way to enhance your already incredible system to turn it into mindblowing technology for your ride.

This is a fun new option to replace a factory stereo for Ford F150.

Plug-and-play ITC 2.0 dash kit allows easy replacement of most aftermarket DIN or Double DIN units. 

The only one of its kilnd to provide a dual, full-color touch screen system that navigates the vehicle’s convenience technology features as well as even the air conditioning!

Another bonus to this kit- no special wiring or programming for the instalastion. It seamlessly installs as if the factory did it.

You'll love it, Scosche made it for you just like all their other insanely cool products.