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New Fort Building Kits and Ideas

New Fort Building Kits and Ideas

Four new web pages have been added to the very popular website this past week. One of the pages in particular caught our attention and we felt is was important to write about it.

Fort Ideas - This page is dedicated to helping kids and families come up with new ideas and ways to build forts.

Fort Building - This page is supposed to inspire kids to start building forts. Without some fort building motivation, we think that kids will just settle for a basic blanket fort. Not anymore. This website, and this page in particular, will ignite the fort building passion within us all.

Fort Bulding Ranks - The latest creation by FortClips are ranks. These are awards given to fort builders accross the country. We believe that the future of fort building is in the hands of children everywhere and they should be rewarded with their creativity.

Fort Building Kit - The basic fort bulding kit is called FortClips. There are about 20 clips and a backpack in the kit. There are future fort kits available, but we are awating the announcement from FortClips when they will be available.

Check out these new pages and tell us what you think. You can comment on the official FortClips Facebook Fan Page.