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Is the new iPhone X too expensive?

Is the new iPhone X too expensive?

Is the new iPhone X too expensive

The new iPhone X was announced today and the question on everyone's the new iPhone X too expensive?

Apple has been keeping us in anticipation to sell its most extravagant iPhone so far for US$1,000. Adventuring across the financial divide challenging consumers to "pay up” for a device that has evolved into an intricate asset to modern day to day life.

The dramatic introduction of a redesigned iPhone will likely be an epic moment on Tuesday when Apple's product event is hosted at its headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Several new features in this souped-up "anniversary” iPhone has rumors to include such things as facial recognition for unlocking the phone, sharper display, screen extends from edge to edge of the device, and wireless charging.

There have been other smartphones have included all those features that sold for less than US$1,000, but Apple’s genius marketing has a way of making them seem irresistibly worth the extra money.

Is it possible to say that Apple always seems to take what others have done and do it even better?

Don't we all agree that this isn't the first phone with wireless Qi charging? Edge to edge screen? 4K Camera?

What is worth $1,000?