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New Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor

New Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor

Best Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor

We are proud to announce the release of the new Rhythm24 waterproof heart rate monitor by Scosche.

The heart is the main indicator beacon of our acctual health. Your personal work out can only be most effective if and when your heart is actually working at the optimum and most effective levels.

These levels can be difficult to track. You can either guess, or just rely on the amazing technology that Scosche offers.

Also, many work outs can and should be rather sweaty, and may involve water sports. Guess what? This issue is covered - The new heart rate moniitor is waterproof!

Oh, and of course it is also highly accurate, and so much more comfortable than those old chest strap models.

That combo equals longer workouts in a larger variety of environments.

Use it with your smartphone and or sport watch through bluetooth technology.

The philosophy is "Train Smart Get Fit."