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New website launches: Pacific Gym Floor Refinishing

New website launches: Pacific Gym Floor Refinishing

Gym Floor Refinishing

The new website for Pacific Flooring is now live. Take a look on Google. Search for the term: gym floor refinishing or gym floor sanding. The search engine optimization for this website was critical for those terms.

It is remarkable how a company that has been in business for 40 years and has been on the top of the search engine rankings can fall so quickly. Now that we are back on top we can brag about the work we did to get those rankings back, but it hasn't been easy. Imagine you were in the gynmasium floor repair, sanding and installation business for decades and then some small start up guys come along and challenge your business. In some cases, they even used YOUR pictures of the work YOU did on their websites. They build a website claiming they are a direct flooring competitor. This is far from the truth. Google and the search bots still have a long way to go to truly give users the results they are looking for on page one.

It is an honor to work for such a great company and Pacific Gym Floor Refinishing is definately deserving of page one results.