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PE Uniforms Hits Page 1

PE Uniforms Hits Page 1

PE Uniforms

Our goal of getting on the first page of Google for the keyword "pe uniforms" has been accomplished. This is great news. The PE uniform space is actually very difficult to break into. The competition is high and the products themselves don't have a lot of margin. So, keeping our advertising costs down is imperative.

The only way that Adwords was making sense was when our organic results got us on the front page. Well, it looks like we are here to stay. Take a look for yourself by going to Google and typing in pe uniforms. You'll see us on the front page. Please make sure to click on the link if you do decide to test it. It can hurt our overall efforts if the link isn't clicked.

Stay tuned to this blog for more examples of SEO success as we all fight the beast.