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Reading Rainbow New Client

Reading Rainbow New Client

Reading Rainbow

Digilu is very proud to be working with Reading Rainbow. We all remember watching PBS and reading with LeVar Burton. Kunta Kinte and Geordi La Forge are incredible characters performed by a gifted actor. But, when I think of LeVar Burton, I can't help go to my childhood and watching channel 28. Reading Rainbow brings us all back to our childhood and the wonder of reading.

In the past few years, Reading Rainbow has developed an App for the iPad and the Kindle Fire. This award winning App brings the PBS television show of our childhood into the homes of today's children accross America. The iPad and Kindle Fire are the new TV and Reading Rainbow has successfully made the transition.

Readig RainbowThis week, LeVar Burton is releasing his new children's book "The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm". This is going to be a HUGE success. The writing and illustrations are incredible. It is an educated guess that this amazing book is not only going to break sales records, but it is going to be used by teachers, child coulselors and parents to help children deal with the most difficult issues in life. This amazing children's book is not only going to make money, it is going to help children. Again, we are so honored to be working with Reading Rainbow and LeVar Burton.