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Religion the Movie with David Nassar

Religion the Movie with David Nassar

David Nassar

Have you watched the new short movie by Just Stop and Think? If not, it is worth you time. Sit down and evaluate if your spiritual life looks more religious, or controlled by Jesus Christ. We are working to get this message out and we need your help.

We need you to watch the video and then tell us exactly what it is about in ONE sentence. The most difficult thing about this video is trying to summarize exactly what it is about and how it can help you reach your local community.

We know that this is a powerful tool. We know that different parts of the United States relate to the visuals and the message of this video, but we need to know exactly what it meant to you. Then, if you would, please answer the why. Why did it impact you? Is your background the same as David Nassar's Iranian early years? Did you grow up in a "religious" home, but it wasn't personal to you? These are the deeper questions that we need answered, by you, so we can help promote this video and reach more people for Jesus Christ.

Francis Chan Video Just Stop and Think

Here are the links to the "Religion the Movie" video with David Nassar (often misspelled David Nasser) and the keywords we are targeting:

We really need your help on this video and we hope that you will jump in and help us nail down our messaging for this video. Thank you for your help in advance.

Please send all ideas to:

Thank you,

Mike Millett