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Speaker Announcement: boomBOTTLE Speakers New Colors

Speaker Announcement: boomBOTTLE Speakers New Colors

Scosche has done it again. Their incredibly popular boomBOTTLE is no available in different colors. This is already the most popular speaker online and now is selling more of these from the website than at Walmart. This is truly a fantastic product and a fan favorite.

boomBOTTLE Speaker

We have been waiting for these to come it because it should make our life easier trying to capture new organic results. We are killing the results so far, but now there are more pages with new targeted keywords to go after. Below are the terms that we are targeting:

And now this speaker is also available in many different colors which helps with search results as well. So these are also good keywords that we can add to our list.

So now we will wait and see. The keywords we are targeting are clear and the objective is to go from 3 page 1 results to 12 in one day. Our Adwords campaigns are running and these pages have the potential to launch this speaker into the stratosphere.

We'll see! BTW, we have one and we LOVE IT. If you want to buy one, go to this website and click the big image: wireless portable speaker!