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Teen Lock In Ideas

Teen Lock In Ideas

Teen Lock In Ideas

Some of the best teen lock in ideas have more to do with strategy than with the actual event. Most youth leaders can put together a bunch of games and events to keep students entertained during the youth lock in. But the overall success lies beyond that. Our advice is to focus on the marketing before the event. This will ensure that all of your effort builds on itself for years to come.

These four crucial marketing aspects are vital to the growth and momentum each and every year: t-shirts, logo, pictures, and videos. Marketing for a single event is one thing, but builinding a brand for an event is the goal.

Imagine how big of an influence you have by all of the students walking around wearing a t-shirt for your youth lock in. This can have the date, year, theme, and slogan for your event. Your shirt will be a walking advertisement. It will also create a sense of unity amoung all of those involved.

To create an awesome T-Shirt, you'll need an awesome logo. The logo sets the tone and communicates with flare. It says you mean business and have credibility. It is the first thing that people see, and can also be used for web and social media marketing strategies.

Pictures and Videos that document your event before, during, and after are key. A promo video is highly effective in gaining support for your lock in event. During your event you need to capture the fun through photo journalism and video documentation. This can be edited into exciting clips and posts for digital and social media use. Who doesn't love a good video?!  Youth can never get enough of this stuff. Good luck and have fun!