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Top 5 VBS Themes for 2016

Top 5 VBS Themes for 2016

Top 5 VBS Themes

When aiming for the best VBS t-shirts, then shoot for the best VBS Themes. The artwork is fun to make and wear. The results will be eye catching and colorful. With bright smiles and trend setting graphics. Here are a few ideas to get you started. These are the top 5 VBS themes for 2016:


The VBS theme Submarine is a fun nautical and ocean setting. The kids can be Navy crew or unnderwater explorers. The shirts can have bubbles and boats and other ocean related pictures.


The VBS theme Cave is Something like " we are the light of the world " wearing headlamps etc. Or Bats and cave crewgear.


The VBS theme Surf is super easy and super popular. Srufboards, palm trees, hang loose, and hang ten. Sand, sun, waves and more make this an optimal choice.


The VBS theme Barnyard is also similar to the Ranch and Western feel. Cowboys and lassos, can be used to write on the shirt. The rodeo scene would make a nice additon.


The VBS theme Journey is about into space or maybe the jungle. Be creative and choose the most popular voyage for your particular group.