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Top Ranking Sub Pages - Church Outreach Ideas

Top Ranking Sub Pages - Church Outreach Ideas

Having pages that relate to the content of your website and that reach your target audience are great ways to boost the traffic to your website. We have built three new pages for the very popular website Just Stop and Think to boost our website visitors.

We have broken these three pages into two groups. The first group is a highly competitive and highly searched keyword. The goal here is to cast a wide net and reach as many users as possible. The second group are very targeted and focused. They don't get searched as often, and they aren't very competitive.

With this strategy, we belive that we can increase the traffic to the site by over 20% in the next two months.

Church Outreach Ideas

So, here is a link to the first targeted page, church outreach ideas. Obviously, the purpose of this page is to talk about ways that churches can do outreach. These ideas are put together on one place. Over time, we know that this page is going to have to be added to over and over again if we expect to compete over time.

Take a look at the page, and you'll get a quick idea about our strategy.