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Uber Legal Troubles

Uber Legal Troubles

Uber Legal Troubles

Workers Compensation dispute about Uber Technologies has been a subject in the legal forum lately and the Uber legal troubles are just begining.

When a driver was assaulted by a customer, he filed a class action suit against the company because they didn't cover him under their workers comp insurance.

Other similar lawsuits since the 2013 suit from former drivers claiming they were misclassified as contractors.

Uber refuses to get workers' compensation insurance for drivers because it wants to "get rid of all employment protections that have come about in the last 200 years".

The California Commission says that drivers are properly classified as employees. Then the labor commission ordered Uber to pay $4,152 to the driver.

Still Uber claims its' drivers are "independent contractors".

Here comes the real question:

Are Uber drivers "independent contractors"?

From Digilu's perspective, the biggest argument against Uber drivers being independent contractors is that they don't have other clients.

Who else are these drivers driver for? Who else can they drive for?

According to California's employment laws, an independent contractor must have multiple clients.

This simply fact means that Uber has employees and not independent contractors.

Our guess is that Uber is going to be facing many legal battles over the next few years.

Another Los Angeles class action accuses Uber of advertising, falsely, that it is cheaper than traditional cab companies, while California cabbies claim Uber lied about offering the "safest rides on the road" via advertisements and media statements.