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Waterproof Speakers by Scosche

Waterproof Speakers by Scosche

Waterproof Speakers

This new configurable product by Scosche shows all three colors of the boomBOTTLE H2O waterproof speakers.

The blue, yellow and grey models can all be purchased from this landing page.

The targeted keyword for this page is "waterproof speakers" and it going to be a tough one to win.

Waterproof Speakers

There is a lot of new competition for this category of products online.

We are a little late to the game, but we will strive to get page one rankings and help increase sales for these incredible speakers.

They are waterproof up to 10 feet and we have tested them ourselves.

We can't believe that they continue to sound fantastic.

These quality waterproof speakers are going to be a flagship for Scosche for a long time.

Great job Scosche.