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Youth Winter Camp Helpful Tips

Youth Winter Camp Helpful Tips

Youth Winter Camp

Planning a youth winter camp can be a daunting task so here are a few helpful tips to ensure a great experience for your group.

Safe Travel During the Winter

Winter weather means concerned parents and church leadership. Plan out your transportation well in advance. If at all possible, try to charter busses for winter camp. If that isn't possible, then go with plan b. Make sure all drivers have experience driving in snowy conditions even it is hasn't snowed at your winter camp location in 10 years. Finally, and probably the most important is in regards to snow chains. We have made the mistake of trusting someone to check the chains the week before the trip. Instead, we recommend that all drivers show up an hour early, complete a vehicle inspection and EVERYONE literally puts on the chains on their vehicle. Then, have every driver inspect every car. You'll be amazed at how people think that chains are applied.

Indoor Activities at Camp

The weather can plan a huge roll in winter camp so be prepared. We recommend that you have tons of planned activities. When the weather gets crazy, 10 board games sounds like a good idea. Instead, bring 10 of the same board game and have a tournament. This holds true for card games, ping pong, foosball, pool, or tag. Turn it into the tournament of the century. Finally, make sure you have prizes. If you go tournament style, a prize will make the next tournament worth playing.

Marketing Your Camp

This one can seem a little strange, but having a marketing plan for your camp will help you fill up the spots and not get stuck with a huge bill when it is all over. So here are the basics:

  • Winter Camp Flyer or Postcard

    Include a compelling and fun image from the pervious year that will make a potential student consider attending because it looks fun.

  • Promo Video

    Just a simple clip from last year will work just fine.

  • Social Networking

    Don't spend a lot of time on this one. Just use the images from the flyer. It seems like this is the best option, but it isn't.

  • Winter T-Shirts

    Don't wait to hand out your t-shirts on the day of camp. Try to order all staff shirts and early sign-up bonus "FREE T-shirt". They will wear it around school and church. Talk about a conversation starter. This can help leverage your best marketing asset you have....your students. If you are looking for custom winter camp t-shirts, we like MinistryGear because the design and shipping are free. We aren't designers so we love to trust the experts.


Winter Camp Flashbacks

Take lots of pictures at camp and tons of video. Then, when you get back from camp plan a flashback night or simply include it in your Sunday program. This time of reflecting and comradery is designed to bring the entire group together after camp.